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Mexican police officer beheaded by cartel members in Tamaulipas

May 27, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican police officer beheaded by cartel members in Tamaulipas

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Mexican authorities say one of two men beheaded in the city of Ciudad Victoria is believed to be a police officer, as a spiraling cartel war between two factions of Los Zetas continues to rage.

Police found the heads of the two victims along with a “narco manta” or cartel message accusing a Tamaulipas Police officer of siding with a faction of the Los Zetas drug cartel called the Cartel Del Noreste (CDN).

The group is currently enthralled in a brutal turf war with a rival Zetas faction, known as Gruppo Bravo or Vieja Escuela translated as Old School, for control of the city’s vital smuggling corridors.


Police made the grisly discovery inside the trunk of an abandoned blue Ford

Mexican officials said police, who were summoned by residents in the rural community of Laborcitas after reporting a suspicious abandoned vehicle, made the grizzly discovery in the trunk of the car.

A message scrawled on a green poster board written in Spanish with a marker read: “Here are the damn guys who covered for you CDN,” signed by Bravo 1, who is reported to be the leader of the Old School Zetas, according to Breitbart News.

Another message was later posted on social media by Bravo 1, which made additional threats against law enforcement officials who are alleged to be working with the CDN.


“These dogs are part of CDN, one of them was part of the PEP (an acronym for state police) and worked with Tiki-Tiki (local crime boss). My fight is not with the government so if you are not helping me, stay neutral don’t try to [expletive] because I will hunt you down like Beasts and chop your heads off, Atte Bravo 1.”

Los Zetas, long considered to be Mexico’s most violent cartel, have factionalized after the loss several top leaders, who have either been killed or arrested.

The trail of terror resulting from the escalating war between the Zetas factions has left residents of Ciudad Victoria living in constant fear as authorities fail to improve security conditions in the city and throughout Tamaulipas, where violence has engulfed the entire state.

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