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Chicago gun violence spreading on to expressways

May 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Chicago gun violence spreading on to expressways

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Gun violence has completely engulfed many areas of Chicago, and the city has even seen a spike in highway shootings, The Associated Press has reported.

In 2016 alone, there have been approximately 20 shootings that have taken place on expressways, compared to the mere 12 that occurred in all of 2015.

Authorities will be out in force, heavily patrolling neighborhoods over the long holiday weekend. Leo Schmitz, Illinois State Police Director, said in a statement on Thursday that he will be sending out many officers over the weekend in both marked and unmarked vehicles. He even is commissioning planes to fly around neighborhoods to inform authorities about any signs of gun violence.

Police officers will be sent to every location where shootings have taken place to aid state troopers in their investigations. The spike in shootings is a broad indication of the fact that gangs are transitioning from their neighborhoods to city streets.

Eddie Johnson, Superintendent for the police department said in a statement that: “A lot of these highway shootings go from verbal confrontations that happen inside the city and then the folks involved get on the expressways and go after each other.”

Schmitz said that extra efforts would be taken by the different police departments to exchange critical information regarding the investigations. Officials agree that the spike in gun activity is directly related to gang-related violence that is overtaking the Chicago area.

On Thursday, the Chicago police department reported 232 murders and 1,167 shootings just this year alone.

The spike in highway shootings is limited to Chicago, this past week mayors from Northern California pleaded with the governor to place surveillance cameras on freeways as a result of the more than two dozen shootings that have occurred since November.

A year ago, the Memorial Day holiday weekend concluded with 14 murders, which was more than the prior two years combined.

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