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Fla. teen commits suicide after friends post nude pics on Snapchat

June 10, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Fla. teen commits suicide after friends post nude pics on Snapchat

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A Florida teen was driven to suicide after a bunch of bullies filmed her naked in the shower and posted the video on Snapchat for her classmates to see.

Levon Holton-Teamer is devastated over the loss of her 15-year-old daughter, Tovanna, who stole a gun from her mother’s purse and shot herself in a locked bathroom just three hours after the video was posted.

Holton-Teamer told WFLA-TV, “I couldn’t get in the bathroom.”

She continued, “The bathroom light was off, so I tried to get in, and I looked down, and I saw the puddle of blood. I tried to apply the pressure, the pressure to her head. I tried to save her.”

The distraught mother recalls the final conversation she had with her daughter, who was a freshman at Wiregrass Ranch High School before she couldn’t bear the embarrassment any long.

The young girl reportedly told her mother, ‘Mommy, I owe them; I owe them.’ Holton Teamer responded, “‘What do you mean you owe them?’ I couldn’t understand what was wrong.”

After searching social media for clues as to why Tovanna would take such drastic measures, her aunt discovered that one of the girl’s close friends shared naked images of the girl without her permission.

Tovanna’s aunt told the NBC News affiliate: “I just said, ‘If anybody knows anything, what happened? Have you heard of anything? Do you know who these kids are who have the pictures?’ I thought it was just pictures, and then the kids started in boxing me.”

The aunt added, “Everybody was out there talking about her and calling her names, and they said it went up on social media, Snapchat. I’d never heard of that before about 3 something that afternoon.”

Although the case is currently under investigation, authorities say that they cannot definitively prove that bullying is to blame for the suicide, because it is not clear whether Tovanna consented to the video.

Eddie Daniels of the Pasco County Sherriff’s Office told the daily beast that “The detectives are looking into all angles. … Thus far nothing has pointed in the direction of bullying.”

Despite the opinion of the police, myriads of anti-bullying advocates have shared the young girl’s picture on social media along with the #stopbullying hashtag.

Tovanna’s friends have even set their profile pictures to a collage of Tovanna’s pictures along with the phrase, “stop bullying now.”

The victim’s mother told WFLA-TV that her daughter had been bullied in the past and that this must have been the final straw for the young girl.

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