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Slaughter of eleven family members in Mexico was revenge

June 13, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Slaughter of eleven family members in Mexico was revenge

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The suspect in the brutal murder of 11 family members is believed to be a rapist seeking vengeance against a victim whose complaint had him imprisoned, according to a Mexican law enforcement official.

The source told the AP on Saturday that authorities alleged that two attackers fatally shot a woman and her family, which included two young girls. The attackers also slashed a male and attempted to decapitate him, who authorities believe was the woman’s partner

The source spoke to the AP anonymously and was not permitted to be quoted by name.

The prosecutor’s office for the state of Puebla said that one of the murdered women was raped and had a child by her attacker several years ago.

The killings occurred on Thursday night in San José El Mirador, which is part of the municipality of Coxcatlán in the state of Puebla.

The leader of the 50-household village, Clemente Hernández, said that the two wounded girls are in critical condition from gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest.

Hernández’s two daughters were among those killed; they were only 8 and 9 years old. One other woman who was killed was also his relative and was several months pregnant.

Five witnesses survived the attack and are under government protection. They informed authorities that the murderers arrived on foot, opened fire, and left. Officials believe that they fled into the mountains of Oaxaca state.

The identities of both the victims and the suspects have not been released.

Officials initially believed that the killings had to do with religion because the residents, who are evangelical, had previously gotten into disputes with Catholics nearby. However, authorities have now ruled that possibility out.

The homes where the killings took place can only be accessed by foot. The bodies had to be carried on stretchers to the nearest road, and they were taken for autopsies to the city of Tehuacán.

The region has not been hit hard by the drug violence spanning much of Mexico. However, land disputes and drug cultivation are not uncommon in the area.

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