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Survivor of Orlando nightclub attack recounts night of terror

June 13, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Survivor of Orlando nightclub attack recounts night of terror

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A woman who attended the Pulse nightclub in Orlando during the early morning hours on Sunday to have some fun and blow off steam, described the horrific turn of events that took place as the shooter lunged toward her and her friend, leaving a path of bodies behind him.

According to the New York Post, 37-year-old Jeannette McCoy said that the ISIS sympathizer and homophobic Omar Mateen was determined to kill as many people as possible during his rampage.

She said, “I saw him coming toward us. This guy wanted to kill all of us.”

McCoy also reported that she heard more than 100 rounds of gunfire go off during the chaos.

“The shots started, and they didn’t stop. It was, ‘pop, pop.’ He wouldn’t stop shooting. It was like he was at a gun range. … People were dropping because they were getting shot. People were desperate to get out, trampling each other. I could smell the blood. I could smell the fear.

The woman said that her friend that she attended the club with was shot, but thankfully, is expected to survive. The male friend reportedly took a bullet for McCoy behind her and underwent surgery sometime yesterday.

McCoy got separated from her brother in the crowd when mayhem erupted, and people were running in all different directions to escape the gunfire. Soon after, she was reunited with her brother, unharmed.

McCoy ended up taking off her shirt to put pressure on another victim’s gun wound. “Juan — he’s the bartender — got shot in the leg. …I took my shirt off to stop his leg from bleeding.”

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