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NYPD, FBI take down violent Queens drug gang responsible for shootings and recent murder

June 17, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYPD, FBI take down violent Queens drug gang responsible for shootings and recent murder

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Authorities closed in on a housing project in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York early Wednesday in an ongoing effort to dismantle a violent drug gang allegedly responsible for several shootings and  recent murder, officials said.

Michael Kemper, NYPD Deputy Chief and the commanding officer of the Queens South Detective Bureau, said in a statement, “There’s historic violence there.” He continued, “Within the past couple of years, there’s been a homicide and a bunch of non-fatal shootings that this crew is connected to.”

The gang known as the Rowdy Boys are most widely known for selling cocaine, heroin, and crack in the Redfern Houses, according to Kemper.

Kemper continued, “We received a lot of shooting incidents and a lot of complaints from community members about narcotic sales.”

The Queen’s District Attorney’s Office, along with the NYPD Queens Narcotics Division, issued 14 search warrants at the housing complex, resulting in the arrest of 22 of the gang members, the New York Daily News reported.

Richard Brown, Queens District Attorney, said that more arrests are expected.

Brown said on Wednesday, “These arrests should put another dent in the drug trafficking and drug-related violence which has long plagued the residents of Far Rockaway. …This initiative is another in our continuing campaign to stop the plague of drug-dealing — and the often accompanying drug-based violence.”

Two cops in plain clothes were shot when patrolling the housing complex back in June 2015, according to the Daily News.

Twelve apartments and two cars were searched on Wednesday, putting an end to the seven-month investigation. Officials say that at least one firearm was recovered.

The arrested members of the Rowdy Boys stayed silent as they were escorted into the station house, although some did appear quite excited when their pictures were taken.

The arrests were made after some members of the gang sold drugs to undercover cops on over 100 occasions.

Kemper says that he hopes Wednesday’s events will “pay dividends in that it’s going to provide the community a safe environment.”

Around the same time, the FBI stormed the Lincoln Houses, another housing complex, in East Harlem. 23 individuals were apprehended for conspiring to sell drugs in the complex.

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