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Border agents in Texas discover $4.6 million in marijuana concealed in trailer

June 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Border agents in Texas discover $4.6 million in marijuana concealed in trailer

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On Thursday, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers seized an 18-wheeler that contained approximately $4.6 million worth of marijuana at a Texas checkpoint about 70 miles from the Mexican border. 

Border Patrol Agents from the Laredo sector in Cotulla, Texas, pulled over a Kenworth trailer hauling a cargo tank for inspection. The agents were checking the driver’s immigration status when a K-9 alerted them to the presence of either human cargo or drugs in the tank. 

The truck then underwent a secondary inspection, which included an x-ray scan revealing anomalies that required even further examination. Once inside the tank, agents discovered 216 bundles of marijuana, Breitbart News reported. 

The packages reportedly weighed 5,734.3 pounds, which has an estimated street value of $4,578,440 in U.S. dollars.

Mario Martinez, Chief Patrol Agent, praised his men’s work in a press release, “I commend our Border Patrol agents for their continued dedication, vigilance and hard work they perform daily to protect our borders.”

The drugs, tank, truck, and driver were turned over to D.E.A agents; for processing and potential federal charges. 

It is currently unknown as to whether the truck was able to cross the border with the marijuana on board, or whether the marijuana was loaded north of the Texas/Mexico border. 

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