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Louisiana police arrest assistant principal for murder of pregnant co-worker

June 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Louisiana police arrest assistant principal for murder of pregnant co-worker

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Workers spraying pesticides over a sugar cane field found the severely decomposed body of a 40-year-old middle school administrator reported missing last week,  in a ditch located right outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Authorities began searching for Lyntell Washington after discovering her three-year-old wandering alone around a parking lot near her mother’s deserted car.

The body found in the ditch was identified as the missing woman. Washington who was seven months pregnant had died from a gunshot wound to the head.

On Friday, police arrested Robert Marks, who is the assistant principal at Brookstown Magnet Honors Academy, for the brutal murder of his co-worker. Authorities allege that two had engaged in an affair that Washington threatened to make public.

L’Jean McKneely, Baton Rouge Police spokesman, told the Advocate, “We continue to press him for information and still no answer and still no emotion. …This is a heinous and senseless crime.”

According to the affidavit, police found a suspicious text message that suggests Marks was aware of Washington’s pregnancy.

The Associated Press reported Washington asked the suspect in a text if he was “attempting to avoid his responsibilities with ‘our unborn daughter.’”

Lionel “Lon” Burns, Marks’ attorney, said that his client denies any involvement with Washington’s murder. He stated that the two had a friendship, but refused to comment on the accusation that Marks’ was the father of the unborn baby.

Burns told the AP: “I’ll let the Baton Rouge Police Department provide the sensationalism. …I’ll let the facts come out in court.”

The lawyer added: “His wife stands firmly by his side.”

When Marks’ was arrested for murder on Friday, he was already in police custody for allegations that he was involved in the aggravated kidnapping and desertion of Washington’s 3-year-old. He now faces additional charges of first-degree feticide and murder.

Burns said that police still attempted to obtain a statement from the suspect despite his request for a lawyer and maintaining his right to remain silent.

The attorney also added that it was reckless for authorities to release statements from Washington’s child, who reportedly told officers that the victim was “in the lake” and “sleeping,” and that the man, whom she called “Mr. Robbie,” had hurt her mother.

Autopsy results confirmed that the woman died from a gunshot wound to the head, however, the unborn child did not suffer from any trauma.

Police are still unsure as to where the shooting took place, however, blood was found in Washington’s deserted car. A murder weapon has not yet been discovered.

Superintendent for the East Baton Rouge Parish schools, Warren Drake, said in a statement: “Ms. Washington was a treasured member of our team, and will be remembered for the impact she had on the many lives she touched through her work in our district.”

“We will continue to offer support to Ms. Washington’s co-workers and students during this difficult time,” Drake added.

A former colleague, Lana Williams, told the Advocate that Washington “was one of the most generous people I knew.”

Williams said, “When she was actually teaching, even when she was low on money, she was doing everything she could for her students, buying materials and bringing them in.”

LaTafta Spivey said she last spoke with the victim back in March when  Washington told her that she was going to be an aunt. However, Spivey was weary when she found out who the father was, saying “I don’t get a good feeling from this.”

“I can’t express to you how beautiful her spirit was,” Spivey said. “I’m very sad.”

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