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Feds detain 300 undocumented immigrants during month-long operation

June 22, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Feds detain 300 undocumented immigrants during month-long operation

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Over 331 undocumented immigrants have been arrested by federal law enforcement officials in a month-long sweep that apprehended individuals who have either ignored their deportation orders, had criminal convictions or re-entered the United States after being deported. 

The operation, which was carried out across six Midwestern states: Missouri, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois, had begun on May 9th and concluded this past Monday,

Field officer director for the Division of Enforcement and Removal Operations at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Ricardo Wong, said in a statement: “Our dedicated officers strive to make our communities safer by arresting convicted criminal aliens and removing them from the United States.” 

“By focusing our resources on the most egregious offenders, we ensure the very best use of our resources while immediately improving public safety,” Wong added. 

The statement also noted that those who had outstanding orders of expulsion, or who have illegally come back to the U.S. following deportation, will face immediate extradition, Fox News Latino reported.

For others, they will be held in ICE custody as they await for a hearing in immigration court or pending the collection of documents needed to return to their countries. 

Immigration administrators said that the operation was a priority for the Department of Homeland Security, which included pursuing, arresting, and deporting people who are threats to U.S. safety.

Among those detained in the sweep include a Mexican immigrant apprehended in Wisconsin who had convictions for domestic violence, a hit-and-run, as well as vandalism. 

Another Mexican national who was also picked up in Wisconsin had convictions for theft, domestic violence, and sexual assault. 

Among those arrested in Kansas included a Mexican man who had convictions for aggravated assault and battery.

A Honduran man was captured in Indiana who was a convicted sex offender and had an order of deportation. A Mexican national was arrested in the same state with a prior conviction for drugs and an order of deportation.

Some individuals who favor more lenient policies for immigrant criticized the operation, saying that the ICE unfairly characterizes people as criminals who are a threat to safety.

New York Immigration Lawyer, Bryan Johnson, stated in an interview with Fox News Latino that “ICE’s enforcement of past proclamations about focusing resources on dangerous criminals … has always been wildly misleading.”

He added that certain enforcement programs “allowed ICE to rack up nice-looking stats by giving them a wide net that indiscriminately swept up anyone that had contact with law enforcement, whether for a minor conviction or just an arrest without a conviction.”

Many critics believe that the immigration system needs to be improved to give some of the estimated 12 million undocumented individuals in the U.S. an opportunity to legalize their status.

Advocates of strict immigration policies are putting pressure on the Obama administration to put more effort into cracking down on people come to the U.S. and live illegally. 

They say the government has not been strict enough, and that its leniency encourages more immigrants to enter the country. 

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