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Shocking footage shows motorists trapped during gun battle next to Rio’s Olympic Park

June 22, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Shocking footage shows motorists trapped during gun battle next to Rio’s Olympic Park

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A recently surfaced video captured the horrific moments of a gangland shooting that trapped motorists on the Red Line Expressway next to Rio Olympic Park in Brazil, the same park that will be utilized by athletes and spectators to travel to for the upcoming summer games.

The video has raised safety concerns and underscores the attempts by the Brazilian government to improve Rio’s security conditions in the lead up to the start of the Olympics, the U.K. paper the Sun reported,

Organized crime activity has been rising in recent months leaving residents in Rio living in a constant state of fear.

Dubbed the “Highway of terror,” the Red Line Expressway passes through some of the most dangerous crime-ridden favela shanty towns, controlled by violent drug gangs.

Traveling on the 13-mile stretch of roadway has become perilous as carjackings and kidnappings have increased, leaving city residents living in fear.

The terrifying video shows traffic at a standstill as the sound of gunfire can be heard in the background.

The footage captures gunmen dressed in black fleeing above a flyover above the roadway.

The video surfaced just seven weeks before the start of the Rio Olympics.

Earlier this month armed gangsters shot 27-year-old Anna Paula Cotta, a psychologist, during a carjacking on a road leading from the Redline to another highway.

Cotta underwent surgery and is currently in recovery.

A stray bullet struck and killed a 17-year-old teenage girl on the roadway who was traveling to the airport to meet her mother in time for the Brazilian Mother’s Day.

The poor security conditions have prompted Australian Olympic Committee to prohibit athletes from entering the rough neighborhoods.

Many foreign embassies have warned told their citizens to stay away from the favelas amid the rising safety fears.

However, it is impossible to travel to the Olympic Park without driving down the dangerous Red Line Expressway.

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