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Heavy set Bronx gangster known as Wobbles sentenced to 15 years for gun running

June 24, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Heavy set Bronx gangster known as Wobbles sentenced to 15 years for gun running

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A heavyset 500-pound Bronx gangster who goes by the name “Wobbles,” has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for selling close to 100 firearms to an undercover cop.

William Soler AKA Wobbles, 33, responded “I’m dying!” when he was asked by a reporter about his health following the hearing. The gunrunner pleaded guilty last month to a myriad of gun trafficking charges.

Since his arrival at Rikers Island, the Bloods gang member managed to lose approximately 80 pounds after his crew was caught last May for selling 93 guns, including semi-automatic rifles, to an undercover cop.

Even though Wobbles has managed to shed some weight, officers still needed to push him in and out of the courtroom in a wheelchair on Thursday. A judge termed the double-wide chair as a “love seat on wheels.”

As he was rolled down the hallway in Bronx Supreme Court, Wobbles seemed relatively at ease as he smirked and flipped off reporters with the middle finger.

However, the gun dealer was not as happy in the courtroom, where the judge ensured that Wobbles understood the terms of his plea to 21 counts of gang conspiracy, gun trafficking, and gun possession.

The Attorney General’s Office for New York State charged Soler for smuggling the guns into Maine, Connecticut, and Westchester when he periodically stuffed the firearms inside suitcases and brought them on board Metro-North commuter trains.

Soler tends to prefer the name “Redrum,” which is murder spelled backward. The man reportedly needed to be arraigned in a room in the basement that is normally used for housing inmates because his chair could not fit through the courtroom doors.

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