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Man who inspired Steve Stifler in American Pie convicted of second degree murder

June 25, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man who inspired Steve Stifler in American Pie convicted of second degree murder

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The person who served as the inspiration for Steve Stifler, the foul-mouthed bro from the American Pie movie series, was convicted of second-degree murder on Wednesday.

The real Stifler, who has been identified as Brian Krebs, 42, reportedly stabbed a man in the neck after a fight broke out at a bar.

Krebs reportedly went to school with the screenwriter who wrote American Pie. On April 17, 2011, the New Times Broward-Palm Beach reported that Krebs bought an $8 drink after strolling into a biker bar in Fort Lauderdale. However, Krebs only had $6 in his pocket.

When paying the remainder a bill, the man wrote a check made out to “The Biggest C— Ever.”

After he leaving the bar and returning home, he loaded himself up with steak knives and went back to the bar at around 3:30 a.m. The man reportedly was erratic when he entered back into the watering hole, as other regulars tried to calm him down, he ended up punching one in the shoulder.

After this, Jimmy Pagano, a local music promoter, and drummer said to him “Tell you what … I’ll pay your tab if you get the hell out of here. Just go.”

However, Krebs ended up stabbing the 57-year-old straight in the neck and later claimed that his actions were self-defense. After the stabbing, Pagano died.

Nearly five years passed due to legal delays, but last week Krebs was finally convicted after six hours of jury deliberations. He ended up being acquitted of the attempted murder charges, yet still was found guilty of murder, New Times Broward-Palm Beach.

Pagano’s relatives and family celebrated the legal decision on social media.

On a tribute Facebook page, they wrote: “Thank you to Judge Ilona Holmes for not allowing any further delays, and to the jury for making the right decision.”

The bar incident wasn’t Krebs’ first time getting into trouble. Court records indicate that he was convicted of attempted burglary back in 2003.

Only a week before the fatal bar incident, police were called to Krebs’ waterfront residence after he trashed the place, which included breaking glass tables and smashing the toilet bowl with a hammer.

Krebs fled before law enforcement officials arrived and was not immediately charged. However, when he was apprehended by police a week later, his landlord was astonished.

Luis Desousa said he knew that his tenant was prescribed medication for his mood swings. He told a Palm Beach paper: “I told him that he could not mix his medication with alcohol.”

The landlord added, “He’s actually a nice guy. I never thought he would be aggressive.”

Krebs’ sentencing is scheduled for sometime this August. His attorney has not responded to requests for comment.

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