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Five people stabbed at a Neo-Nazi demonstration in Sacramento

June 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Five people stabbed at a Neo-Nazi demonstration in Sacramento

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Police in California say a demonstration in Sacramento desended into pandamonium after violent altercations erupted between a Neo-Nazi group and counter-protesters resulting in at least five people seriously injured on Sunday.

The L.A. Times reported the five people were rushed to local area hospitals, “some with critical trauma stab wounds.”

On Twitter, officials with the Sacramento Fire Department said the injuries were the result of what police described as a “mass casualty event.”

A reporter with ABC10 captured the chaotic footage showing several physical altercations that erupted between the two groups, which included people on both sides who started clobbering each other with sticks and hurling projectiles.

The Times reported that the counter-protestors were well organized and prepared for the Neo-Nazi demonstration near the state’s capital that was planned several weeks in advance.

The video also showed several demonstrators with apparent head wounds and blood stains on the ground can clearly be seen.

The chaotic brawl occurred on the same day that many cities across the nation from San Francisco to New York held their annual gay pride events, which offered tributes to the victims of the Orlando terror attack on a gay bar earlier this month.

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