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Texas father pleaded with wife accused of fatally shooting two daughters

June 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas father pleaded with wife accused of fatally shooting two daughters

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The husband of a woman who had just gunned down her two daughters on his birthday following a family argument had pleaded with his wife before a police officer shot and killed her.

Christy Sheats, 42, fatally shot her two daughters, Taylor Sheats, 22, and Madison Sheats, 17, on Friday around 5 p.m.

ABC13 reported that a neighbor said he witnessed the two victims and their father, Jason Sheats, run out of the house. He said both daughters then collapsed in the street.

The witness added that he saw the mother briefly exit the home and then went back inside to reload her gun. Moments later, the woman returned and shot Madison Sheats in the back.

According to neighbors, when police officers arrived at the scene, the mother was still holding the gun as the two victims laid wounded on the ground nearby.

Officers ordered Christy Sheats to drop the weapon, and when she failed, an officer fired a single shot killing the woman, Click2 Houston reported.

“The cops were behind the trees, cars, and they told the mom to put the gun down, and obviously she did not,” said Fazz Zainuddin, a neighbor of the family.

“She walked towards the body; I think Madison, already on the ground and I guess the cop was afraid that she was going to shoot her again,” Zainuddin said.

Fort Bend County Sheriff, Troy Nehls, stated that the father of the victims witnessed the horrific slayings.

Zainuddin said “one of the deputies heard the husband pleading with the woman, telling her “Don’t do this. They’re our kids.”

Madison Sheats died at the scene, while emergency responders airlifted Taylor Sheats to a hospital, where she later died. The father wasn’t injured but still had to be admitted to the hospital because of distress.

“He was going through a tough time,” Nehls said.

Investigators said deputies have in the past visited the home and neighbors indicated that the parents may have been having marital problems.

Taylor Sheats Facebook page mentioned that she attended Lone Star College. Madison Sheats attended Seven Lakes High School.

Police officials and neighborhood residents are still trying to figure out what could have triggered the tragic event.

“The mother was nice. You wouldn’t expect it if they told you this is what was going to happen,” one neighbor said. “I don’t think anybody, at least a sane person, would do that.”

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