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Family begs “please don’t shoot” on 911 audio before Houston mom kill two daughters

June 29, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Family begs “please don’t shoot” on 911 audio before Houston mom kill two daughters

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On Tuesday, law enforcement officials released 911 phone calls that depicted the panic that erupted in a Houston home moments before a mother fatally gunned down her two daughters.

The recordings that were released by the Ford Bend County Sheriff’s Office revealed the emergency calls placed by Christy Sheats’ two daughters, 22-year-old Taylor Sheats, and 17-year old Madison Sheats. A third call after the shooting came from the next door neighbor’s home, KHOU reported.

Authorities said that after an argument at a family meeting on Friday, Christy Sheats pulled out a firearm and began shooting her two daughters repeatedly before an officer fatally shot her.

The sheriff’s office posted on Facebook: “Two of the calls are from Taylor and Madison and are difficult to listen to.”

A crying voice is heard on the first 911 call, saying: “Please! Forgive [inaudible]! Please! Don’t shoot!”

A scream is heard, and then a cry, as the call continues: “Please! I’m sorry. Please! Don’t point that gun at us!”

Another voice is heard on the call, possibly that of Christy’s husband, Jason Sheats, that said: “I promise you, whatever you want.” Soon after that, the call got disconnected.

A woman is vaguely heard saying in the second call: “She shot [inaudible].”

In the third 911 call from the next door neighbor, he described that the two girls are laying in the street still alive. The neighbor said that he saw Christy Sheats kneeling over one daughter and shot her dead. The other daughter later passed away at the hospital from her injuries.

The panicked neighbor says in the call recording obtained by the Houston Chronicle that “There’s a guy trying to help them, but the lady is on top of one of them with a gun in her hand.”

The dispatcher asked in return: “She’s standing over one of the patients with the gun?”

The neighbor replied: “Yes… It looks like both of them are alive … She’s trying to shoot again on top of her, but apparently she don’t have anymore bullets.”

The neighbor then tells the dispatcher that Christy ran back into the house, and said: “Hopefully, she’s not getting anymore bullets because she looks like she’s going to look for more bullets.”

Less than a minute later, the neighbor reports to the dispatcher that the woman came out of the house after refilling her gun.

With pain in the voice, the man says: “Oh … She shot her again … From the back.”

The neighbor told his family members to get down on the ground and said that he could hear more shots fired before he saw the woman lying on the ground At first he thinks Christy shot herself, soon after she stopped moving.

The dispatcher tells him, “Sir, I’m so sorry you’re seeing this.”

A Fulshear officer killed Christy Sheats after she continuously refused to drop the firearm.

Christy’s Facebook profile shows that she was a gun-rights advocate, but she also had numerous posts about how much she loved her family.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the cops had been called to the home more than a dozen times over the past four years.

The Houston Chronicle reported that the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said the calls also included three suicide attempts. However, it is currently unclear if those calls came from Christy.

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