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Latina Trump supporter featured on CNN is daughter of suspect convicted of murder of cartel lawyer

July 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Latina Trump supporter featured on CNN is daughter of suspect convicted of murder of cartel lawyer

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A Hispanic college student, Miriam Cepeda who was recently featured on  for her support of Trump, is the daughter of cartel-linked co-conspirator convicted in a recent murder case, according to the Forth Worth Star-Telegram.

As JammedUp News reported, the girl’s father, 60-year-old Jose Luis Cepeda Cortes along with his cousin Jesus Gerardo Ledezma Cepeda, 59, were both found guilty in May for conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and interstate stalking in the 2013 killing of a Southlake cartel attorney turned informant, Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa.

The attorney who was counsel for infamous Gulf Cartel boss Osiel Cardenas Guillen was executed in Southlake Town Square while shopping with his wife.

Cepeda Cortes, an English-speaking South Texas resident, accompanied his cousin in tracking the attorney down and stalking him.

The Star-Telegram reported that the suspect’s daughter testified at his trial, saying in court: “My father was helping translate for my uncle.”

Miriam added: “I saw it as an apprenticeship.”

CNN published a piece on the girl this week that portrayed her as a self-described “Trump Girl” who is the daughter of an undocumented immigrant.

The 24-year-old told CNN: “I completely agree with Donald J. Trump’s policies as far as creating a stronger border and enforcing our border security.”

“I first hand have seen … friends involved with illegal activity associated with drugs or human trafficking, which are issues people need to realize is a reality,” Cepeda continued.

Her advocacy for Trump runs so deep that she recently organized a gathering at the Hidalgo County Republican Party Office, and titled the event “Pachanga [party] 4 Trump.”

CNN captured the event on video and recorded Cepada saying that “He loves Mexican-Americans, number one … He loves all citizens, all American citizens.”

The CNN piece does not divulge any information into the woman’s family, but she reportedly elaborated on her family history in a piece by CBS News that aired this month.

She told CBS: “People need to wake up and realize that the illegal immigrants that are here that have no other form of self-employment do turn to drugs, do turn to the cartel business, do turn to illegal immigration.”

She further stated: “And I’m saying this because I have family members that are involved in this stuff, and they are in the state jail at this moment, and I would love nothing better but for them to be deported.”

The presumptive nominee for the Republican party, Donald Trump, has isolated many Hispanics with a series of controversial remarks that he has made during his campaign thus far.

Just one year ago, Trump referrd to Mexicans as “rapists” when he announced that he was running for president. Earlier this year, he even said that a Hispanic judge born in Indiana to immigrant parents was not treating Trump fairly in court because the judge is Mexican.

Furthermore, Trump has pledged over the past year that he will build a wall, that Mexico will pay for, to keep out illegals.

Miriam Cepeda’s story is quite unique as a majority of the Latino population do not support Trump’s campaign for the presidency.

A Fox News Latino poll revealed that 62% of registered Latino voters are going to cast their vote for Hillary Clinton, while only 23% vowed to vote for Trump.

The chief liaison to the Hispanic Media for the Republican Party stepped down this month in what some speculate as a sign of uneasiness with Trump’s position toward Latinos.

Trump piñatas have also become popular among Trump haters from California to Texas. In Oak Cliff, people shelling out up to $65 to get their hands on a Trump piñata.

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