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PA man charged with biting off wife’s lover’s ear gets 3 months probation

July 2, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
PA man charged with biting off wife’s lover’s ear gets 3 months probation

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A Pennsylvania man who chewed off a piece of his wife’s lover’s ear during a fight has been sentenced to house arrest and subsequent probation.

John J Teeple III is required to serve three months of house arrest and four years of court supervision for his role in the scuffle.

In February 2015 Teeple confronted Raymond Herne, his wife’s lover after the man left in Mary Teeple’s vehicle.

According to the Daily Mail, Teeple followed Herne, cut him off, and then drove him off the road. When Teeple came face to face with the man, he attacked him and bit off a portion of his ear.

At a hearing on Thursday, Teeple told Michael Barrasee, Lackawanna County Judge: “I was reacting completely out of emotion. I accept full responsibility for what I did.”

Despite Teeple’s statement, Bill Thompson, his attorney, said that his client reacted to Herne because Herne initiated the physical dispute.

When law enforcement officials went to Teeple’s home to arrest him, they discovered an illegal, sawed-off firearm.

Teeple referred to himself as very emotional during the time as his tumultuous 14-year marriage was coming to an end.

After accepting a plea deal, Teeple pleaded guilty to reckless endangerment and misdemeanor simple assault. The sentence he was given also includes a misdemeanor charge of altering an offensive weapon. In addition to his supervision and house arrest, the man is also required to pay a $2,000 penalty.

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