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La. prosecutor: Woman who whipped her 3 sons after committing burglary will not face charges

July 3, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
La. prosecutor: Woman who whipped her 3 sons after committing burglary will not face charges

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On Friday, the district attorney for the state of Louisiana said that he has no plans to pursue charges against a 30-year-old woman who was taken into custody after she reportedly whipped her three sons after finding out that they burglarized their neighbor’s residence.

Schaquana Spears was apprehended on June 20th and was charged with two felony counts of cruelty to juveniles.

Sheriff’s documents indicate that Spears whipped her 10, 12, and 13-year old sons. It is alleged that the 12-year-old had lacerations that broke the skin, and the cuts on the 13-year-old’s arms had bled. The 10-year-old’s beating was reportedly much less severe compared to his two brothers, Fox News reported.

Hillar Moore III, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney, told The Advocate, “At this time I have no intention to prosecute. It would take something significant to change my opinion.”

Spears gained national attention after she was arrested and then was portrayed as a model parent by law enforcement officials.

John Kennedy, Louisiana State Treasurer, said in a statement: “sparing the rod leads to an imprisoned child.” His sentiment was echoed by Jeff Landry, the Louisiana attorney general.

In a nationally televised interview with “CBS This Morning,” Spears defended her actions by saying that she whipped her kids so they learn that they should not be involved in a life of crime. She reported that their father was in prison, and she did not want the same to happen to them.

Brenden Craig, Spears’ attorney, announced that she beat the boys on June 17th after she had found out that they had stolen items from a neighbor’s house, which included a hoverboard.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press, the lawyer said that he was satisfied with Moore’s comments.

Craig said, “It was an entirely justified and reasonable discipline of her children, the woman’s actions never got “to the level of what you could call abuse or any criminal behavior.”

According to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, a judge believes that it was in the 13-year-old boy’s best interest to be placed in the care of child services and was soon allowed to be released into a relative’s custody.

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