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Parents of college student turned informant file lawsuit against sheriff’s department

July 4, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Parents of college student turned informant file lawsuit against sheriff’s department

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On Monday, the relatives of a North Dakota college student, who served as a drug task force informant, filed a wrongful death suit accusing the county, a deputy, and the sheriff’s department for failing to protect the 20-year-old man’s safety.

The remains of Andrew Sadek were discovered two years ago in the Red River area, which divides North Dakota from Minnesota. An autopsy indicated that the victim died from a lethal gunshot wound to the head. However, the manner in which the murder occurred remains “undetermined.”

The lawsuit identified the defendants as the county along with Jason Weber, the Sheriff’s deputy for Richland County. Court documents stated that the defendants failed to train the newly-issued informant to perform his responsibilities appropriately. Additionally, the suit claims that the accused did not supervise him adequately.

According to CBS News, the victim’s family are requesting retribution for an unknown amount, but reportedly takes into account non-economic damages related to mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of companionship, grief, along with the cost of the memorial for the murdered 20-year-old.

The North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation said that the victim had gotten into trouble with the law back in 2013 for selling marijuana to an undercover cop twice. Both sales were small, ranging between $20-$60. However, they took place within a school zone. Thus, he faced potential felonies.

Agents with the drug task force searched the young man’s dorm room and reportedly discovered a grinder containing marijuana residue. The following day, Sadek finished completing an application to serve as a confidential informant. As an informant for the drug task force, Sadek made three drug buys over a three month period.

After the drug buys, the task force did not hear from Sadek again.

Sadek’s relatives do not believe that the young man committed suicide as Sadek was found wearing different clothes from the last time he was seen and had a backpack of rocks tied to his body.

The family’s attorney sent a letter to authorities back in April asking the FBI and Department of Justice to open up an investigation. The FBI did not respond to the request, although the Justice Department claims that it was reviewing the case.

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