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Australian authorities seize $275 million worth of methamphetmine

July 5, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Australian authorities seize $275 million worth of methamphetmine

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Australian authorities intercepted a quarter ton shipment of methamphetamine worth an estimated street value of $275 million discovered under the floorboards of three Chinese shipping containers.

Members of the transnational drug trafficking syndicate were nabbed after delivering the shipment to a factory located in Melbourne.

The massive seizure of meth is the result of an investigation into the drug trafficking network by the Joint Organized Crime Take Force – involving state and federal police, along with Border Force and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Authorities had initially recovered over 275 kilograms of methamphetamine separated into one-kilogram bricks concealed underneath the shipping containers floorboards and metal pallets back in June.

As part of a controlled operation, law enforcement allowed the shipments to be delivered last week to a factory in Bayswater, in East Melbourne, 9News Australia reported.

The task force placed the location under surveillance and witnessed the suspects accessing the containers. Police then raided the warehouse and additional properties in Bayswater, Braybrook, Brunswick, Box Hill, Glen Waverley, and South Yarra.

Stephen Fontana, assistant commissioner for the Victoria Police, said by tracking the containers; the investigation managed to uncover several alleged drug operations.

“In effect, what you’ve got is a major wholesaler has brought it in and then we’ve had some other syndicates involved that distribute the drugs, and we’ve identified two of those different groups through the arrests we’ve made,” Fontana said.

Fontana added that police charged seven Australians, and a Malaysian man, all ranging in ages between 24 to 34, with drug trafficking violations.

Furthermore, three men face charges of commercial drug importation and another five suspects stand accused of attempting to possess and trafficking a commercial supply of methamphetamine.

Officials said the investigation is still ongoing, and more arrests could be made.

Five of the defendants charged are scheduled to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday, while the remaining three will appear in court in October.

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