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Son of Mexican top politician shot during botched drug deal

July 5, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Son of Mexican top politician shot during botched drug deal

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The son of a high-ranking Mexican politician, who sought to be a politician as well, is the latest victim of cartel-related violence in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon after he was shot in a drug deal gone wrong.

Gunfire erupted on Wednesday evening in the luxurious suburb of San Pedro, on the Western side of Monterrey. Posta reported that Javier Cardenas Davila, and two other young men, were driving in a Range Rover SUV with Texas plates and came to the area to take part in a drug transaction.

Cardenas is the son of Gustavo Cardenas, who is a Mexican congressman from Tamaulipas. Javier’s father recently tried running for the position of Tamaulipas’ ¬†governor, but only finished in third place in the election.

Javier Cardenas and his two friends had pulled in a parking lot to meet up with two men who were driving a Mini Cooper. Law enforcement officials said the men were trying to buy drugs when the incident occurred.


San Pedro officers were in the area and decided to question the individuals because they were acting suspiciously. The men in the vehicle tried to leave the area and apparently tried to run over one of the officers as they attempted to flee.

The cop fired at the car racing toward him, and as a result, Cardenas was hit with gunshot wounds to the arm and hand, Breitbart News reported.

Cardenas was rushed to a nearby hospital where his father and relatives arrived to visit him and even posted a photograph of the family on social media.

Cardenas and four other individuals are currently under investigation in connection with the failed drug transaction. It is not apparent whether or not prosecutors will actually press charges against the politician’s son.

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