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Authorities in Mexico request arrest warrant for pop singer Belinda Peregrín on tax evasion charges

July 6, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities in Mexico request arrest warrant for pop singer Belinda Peregrín on tax evasion charges

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A judge has denied a request by the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) for a warrant seeking the arrest of pop singer Belinda on charges of tax evasion and for hiding, altering, or destroying accounting records.

According to Proceso, PGR officials submitted the request to a Judge from the Tenth Sixth District Federal Criminal Process in Mexico City.

The actress allegedly violated Article 111, paragraph 3, of Mexico’s Tax Code, an offense punishable by up to three years in prison according to the previous judicial system.

However, Judge Hector Vazquez Ferzuli rejected the request, ruling that the PGR failed to provide sufficient evidence warranting the arrest order.

Although the offense is determined to be a crime, it is not considered a grave offense under the new judicial reforms implemented by Mexican lawmakers in June.

The stunning Mexican singer/actress who joined the cast of Baywatch has been the subject of an ongoing investigation because of incompetent accountants.

Attorneys for the singer acknowledged that in recent weeks their client was the subject of two preliminary investigations into tax evasion and concealing accounting records, prompting her defense team to file an injunction to prevent her arrest, which was rejected by a judge.

Following the judge’s decision, the singer took to social media to lash out at her critics. She tweeted: “To all the people who mock, who has no life, who loves to ‘annoy people’ for the simple fact of not having nothing else to ( sic ) do, hopefully never have to go through a situation, because I imagine must be very difficult, it’s incredible the cruelty with which people mock the troubles and misfortunes of others.”

Belinda had also previously denied reports of her impending apprehension on her Twitter account, “The information reported by the media is false, there is no such arrest warrant against me, I am happy, at peace and working,” she tweeted.

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