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Chipotle exec surrenderes to authorities on cocaine charges

July 6, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Chipotle exec surrenderes to authorities on cocaine charges

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A top executive at Chipotle turned himself in on Tuesday to authorities on charges that he frequently used an illegal delivery service that brought cocaine to his West Village apartment in Manhattan.

The New York Post reported that executive Mark Crumpacker, who spearheaded Chipotle’s attempts to bounce back after its E. Coli outbreak, was suspended after the allegations rose to the national spotlight last week.

Crumpacker served as Chipotle’s chief creative and development officer, and reportedly made a salary of over $4 million a year. He was handcuffed as he was brought into court wearing sneakers, khakis, and a navy blazer.

Patrick Doherty, the case’s prosecutor, said Crumpacker was caught on wiretaps approximately 13 times while an investigation was taking place into drug kingpin Kenny Hernandez, who has been credited with running the cocaine home-delivery service.

Doherty said, “Typically, he ordered to his apartment in the Union Square area. [He] spent close to $3,000.”

Edward McLaughlin, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, announced that Crumpacker be held on $10,000 bond. The judge also allowed Crumpacker to remain in the gallery while he waited to post his bond.

The judge gave Crumpacker that courtesy because there was no holding cell next to the courtroom, he stated: “I sure don’t want anybody to think because somebody is the purported big shot he’s being treated differently because that would appall me.”

Crumpacker was the most notable name on the indictment of accused cocaine buyers, which included a total of 18 defendants, that was made public last week. Among the others on the list included a Merill Lynch associate, a Fox Business Network producer, and a financial consultant.

A majority of the defendants’ name were made public last week just before it was announced that McLaughlin was implicated in the case. He reportedly mocked them for their roles in the drug scheme.

The Chipotle executive has been charged with seven misdemeanor counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance and was out of state last week, which likely delayed his arrest.

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold, said in a statement: “We are aware that Mark presented himself to authorities earlier today.”

Arnold added, “He remains on a leave of absence from his job to focus on these personal matters.”

Gerald Lefcourt, Crumpacker’s attorney, declined requests to comment.

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