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Producer for Fox Business Network fired after NYC cocaine arrest

July 6, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Producer for Fox Business Network fired after NYC cocaine arrest

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A producer for the Fox Business Network, who was arrested and charged for her role in a cocaine delivery service, has been fired from the network.

Fox Business Network reportedly terminated Katie Welnhofer, 30, from her position on Friday after investigations revealed that she is one of the 18 individuals who are accused of being linked with a large cocaine ring in Manhattan.

“Katie Welnhofer was terminated for a security breach,” a spokesperson for the network said in a statement after her firing.

Welnhofer’s attorney, John Buza, told the Daily Mail that his client is innocent.

Buza stated, “Ms. Welnhofer is innocent and will be absolved of any wrongdoing after a careful analysis of all the evidence is completed.”

The woman was fired from her position on the same day that Mark Crumpacker, a top executive for Chipotle, appeared in court for his involvement in the drug bust.

Crumpacker was charged with seven counts of possessing an illegal substance after he was caught on wiretaps ordering cocaine 13 times.

Welnhofer, who graduated from Northwestern, appeared at her hearing in New York’s Supreme Court last week in handcuffs and a gray jumpsuit.

Just one week before she was arrested, she was seen mingling with colleagues at a Building Homes For Heroes event honoring Sean Hannity, a host for Fox News.

A photograph shows Welnhofer with the son of Ray Kelly, former NYPD police commissioner, as well as with Greg Kelly, the host of Fox’s Good Day New York.

Four days after Welnhofer was arrested, Anna Koiman, co-host of Fox and Friends shared the picture of her table on social media.

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