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Florida man high on MDMA carrying baby down highway charged with child neglect

July 7, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida man high on MDMA carrying baby down highway charged with child neglect

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A Florida man, who police say was allegedly carrying a six-month-old baby down a bustling road while high on MDMA, has been officially charged with child neglect.

According to the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Roger Mumma was arrested in Florida on Sunday when concerned bystanders alerted authorities when they saw the man visibly stumbling down the highway.

Two police officers who approached the man said that it was evident that he was not in a rational mindset.

Officer body cam footage captured the moment Deputy John Gerardi asked the man if he was all right, and Mumma replied, ‘Yeah, just, people are following me.’

A driver who witnessed the incident told News Channel 8 he called police after he saw Mumma walking with an infant in the center of the road.

The witness reported, “He’s looking everywhere behind him like somebody’s following him or something.”

Law enforcement officials haven’t confirmed Mumma’s relationship to the infant. He allegedly handed the child to Corporal Benjamin Birge and said “Here you go, man. It is what it is.”

Birge told Fox News13 in an interview that the man evidently appeared to have taken some type of narcotic.

Officials claim Mumma later admitted to them that he had taken MDMA.

Cpl. Birge added, “I didn’t want him to run, because of the child, and I really didn’t want him to fight because of the kid.”

‘My biggest fear was that, in his paranoid and drug-induced state, he was going to hit [the] road and at that point, there was not going to be much I could do,” Birge continued.

After grabbing the child, cops tackled Mumma because he was becoming aggressive. He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and child neglect. Police reported that the unharmed child was taken home by relatives.

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