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Missing NY woman found alive two weeks after disappearing

July 7, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Missing NY woman found alive two weeks after disappearing

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A young woman from upstate New York, who had disappeared two weeks ago, was found alive police officials said on Wednesday.

Officials say 24-year-old Rachel Mattice was last seen on June 22nd after she left her parents’ house for her family’s campsite in Wells, which is a town just about 53 miles away from the Adirondack Mountains.

In a statement on Wednesday, the sheriff for Hamilton County announced that Mattice has returned to her parents’ home and went to the hospital for testing, Fox News reported.

Sheriff Karl G. Abrams did not reveal whether or not foul play was involved in the case, stating that “there is still currently an active investigation ongoing.”

Following the young woman’s disappearance, Mattice’s family reached out to her idol, Shania Twain, to help spread the word about their loved one’s disappearance. Twain posted a tweet last week requesting that anyone with information should contact authorities.

Mattice was at her parents’ house for dinner on June 22nd before she left in her silver Jeep to drive to the family’s camper in Wells. Mattice was last seen at 9:15 p.m. in Wells that night.

The woman, who was as a home health aide, recently moved up to the camp to work in the area, but her family also reported that the area has extremely poor cell reception.

Before arriving at the campsite, she sent her mother, Wendy Mattice, a text message that read: “I’m at the bottom of the hill. Goodnight and I love you,” Fox News reported.

Sources indicate that her father discovered her purse, cell phone, and car when he went to check up on her at the campsite.

According to NewsChannel 13, an unidentified family friend told reporters that Mattice said she was kidnapped and held hostage and said that the young woman escaped by jumping out of a car.

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