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NYPD cop in damning video showing road rage slaying, will likely face charges

July 10, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYPD cop in damning video showing road rage slaying, will likely face charges

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A video obtained exclusively by the New York Post showed how an off-duty NYPD cop waited barely a moment before he gunned down a man during a fatal road rage incident in Brooklyn.

The damning video was taken at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Bradford Street in Brooklyn, which showed Delrawn Small, approaching the vehicle of Officer Wayne Isaacs, who had just finished a shift at the 70th precinct.

Small’s wife, who was in the vehicle the victim, said he had become angered after Issacs’ car had cut him off.

The footage shows the vehicle lurching forward, and Small is seen staggering away before collapsing on the street having been shot twice through the car window.

After exiting his car, the video shows the off-duty cop walking towards a mortally wounded Small, then appears to place his gun into his pants, before walking back to his vehicle.

Issacs claimed he shot Small out of fear for his life. However, former law enforcement officials say the video is damning enough evidence to charge the police officer.

According to former FBI agent and a security expert, Manny Gomez, the footage shows the armed individual who shot Small acting very nonchalantly, not like someone who felt threatened.

After viewing the video, Gomez said it seems to contradict NYPD sources version of events, which claimed Issac acted in self-defense when he shot Small in the head and chest because he had attacked the officer through his car window.

Gomez said the footage shows the altercation happened so fast it’s difficult to believe Issac was assaulted by the victim.

A source close to the investigation called the evidence “damning,” and said charges would likely be filed.

“Charges of some sort will be filed, you have a person who is unarmed, the level of force used, versus force applied against him, does not add up,” the source told the New York Post.

“When a member of law enforcement uses deadly force, there has to be grave danger posed to him. He can’t just say, ‘I got punched, so I shot him,’” the official said.
Attorney General Schneiderman commented on the video in a released a statement, which stated: “I am committed to conducting a full, fair and independent investigation of this tragedy and will follow the facts and evidence – including this video evidence – wherever they lead.”

NYPD officials have placed Isaacs on modified duty pending investigations by Internal Affairs and the attorney general but refused to comment on the video footage.

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