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Texas family among 19 killed by Los Zetas in weekend massacre in northern Mexico: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

July 10, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas family among 19 killed by Los Zetas in weekend massacre in northern Mexico: WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT

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Warning: Some of the content in this article contains graphic and disturbing images, viewer discretion in advised.

The acts of sheer brutality committed in the ongoing “narco war” between Los Zetas cartel factions fighting for control of Ciudad Victoria escalated last weekend after gunmen massacred 19 people including 11 members of one family, wounding several others.

Mexican authorities have confirmed that a family from Texas and five children were among the victims executed early Saturday in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the Northern border state of Tamaulipas.

According to Breitbart News, Texas resident Lourdes Gregorio Garcia-Amaya and her two daughters, Mariana Garcia-Amaya and Galilea Garcia-Amaya, have been identified among the victims slaughtered.

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Relatives and friends told investigators that the Texas family had traveled for their summer vacation to visit relatives in Ciudad Victoria. Authorities said evidence pointed to the woman and her two children being at the wrong place at the wrong time when the attack occurred.

Officials identified the other children executed in the horrific attack as Maria Pizana Carrizales and Estephania Guadalupe Pizana Carrizales.

The remaining adult females have been identified as Maria Cirila Contreras Garcia, Maria Del Rosario Carrizales Amaya, and Griselda Carrizales Amaya, while the two men gunned down have been identified as Cruz Felipe Pizana Saldivar and Angel Carrizales Amaya.

The gunmen spared no one in the carnage, even executing the family dog.


In a video conference, Herminio Garza Palacios, secretary of government in Tamaulipas, said gunmen stormed the home and murdered  the family members as they slept in their beds.

As JammedUp previously reported, the groups currently fighting for control of Ciudad Victoria include a faction called “Northeast Cartel,” (CDN) made up of a grouping of factions led by the family of ruthless jailed leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, or Z40. And the so-called ‘Vieja Escuela’ or the ‘Zetas Old School,’ made up of some of the original Zeta members.

The ‘Old School Zetas’ had recently warned relatives of the CDN leadership to leave Ciudad Victoria or face certain of death.

However, in the most horrific manner, the CDN appears to have struck first, wiping out the family, who reportedly are relatives of a state police officer and the head of a local farmer’s union.

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The Tamaulipas Coordination Group, which is in charge of security in the state, said in a statement that four young girls were among the victims in the first attack.

A short time later, armed men killed three more people, including another minor in a nearby neighborhood in Ciudad Victoria.

According to the Associated Press, additional attacks occurred around the city overnight, including one on a home with a grenade, and another on bus station that killed a 16-year-old.

Earlier in the week the body of a’Old School Zetas’ operative was found hacked into pieces.

Members of the CDN posted a picture of the dismembered body on social media and identified the victim as a gunman for a rival group Old School Zetas known as ‘El Wachi.’

The Zetas, widely considered Mexico’s most ruthless cartel, splintered following the capture or killing of many of its top bosses.


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The war for Ciudad Victoria erupted in the latter part of 2015, which has already claimed over 100 lives and has resulted in unspeakable acts of brutality that have occurred on almost a daily basis including beheadings, executions, and attacks on businesses.

The spiraling violence has spread fear throughout the city, prompting citizens to implement a self-imposed curfew. People are urged to seek shelter indoors past a particular time because of the dangers posed by gun battles that usually occur overnight.

The war has now even spread to the traditional Zetas stronghold of Nuevo Laredo, the city bordering Texas. A series of cartel threats posted online on Saturday has warned people to stay off the streets has created a climate of collective fear throughout the city.

Messages have also warned of attacks on bars and businesses linked to the rival Zetas factions.

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