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Prosecutors confirm arrest warrant for Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz

July 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Prosecutors confirm arrest warrant for Mexican singer Gerardo Ortiz

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A top Mexican prosecutor confirmed on Wednesday, the existence of an official arrest warrant issued by a judge against Gerardo Ortiz and said the narcocorridos singer would face charges over a controversial video.

Jalisco Attorney General Jesus Eduardo Ramirez Almaguer said that a judge who is hearing the case against Ortiz issued the warrant for the narcocorridos singer’s apprehension on charges of inciting criminal acts stemming from his music video “Fuiste Mia,” or ‘You Were Mine.’

According to Proceso, the AG said the producer of the video is also the subject of an arrest warrant and indicated authorities were actively searching for both men.

The controversial video spurred outrage across the country plagued by ongoing drug violence and among women’s rights groups who argue the video promotes violence against women.

The video depicts Ortiz murdering the lover of his girlfriend then burning the woman alive in the trunk of a car.

In keeping with mounting criticism of the Grupero singer, Mexican Interior Minister Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong echoed Ramirez Almaguer’s allegations that the video promoted violence on Wednesday, saying it “minimizes and normalizes this social scourge.”

Additionally, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) have opened a line of inquiry into possible money laundering allegations against the singer stemming from the use of a farm in Zapopan owned by Daniel Quintero Riestra, a top figure in the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel, that was used in the filming of the video.

Security forces conducted a raid on the property, which they maintain was used for drug trafficking in early 2015, arresting 14 people and seizing numerous weapons including several grenades, assault rifles, six handguns, and several luxury vehicles.

Authorities have also sought arrest warrants for four members of the Zapopan police for the misuse of public resources and advocacy of crime as a result of providing resources including personnel and police vehicles for production of the music video.

Ortiz has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and insists he has nothing to do with choosing the location, which he says was left up to the production company hired to produce the video.

Back in June, attorneys for the U.S.born singer filed an injunction, protection Ortiz from possible detention, after he was forced to suspend scheduled performances as a result of the outstanding warrant for his arrest.

The charges carry a penalty of up to six months in prison for the two men.

Content published by Proceso translated by JammedUp News

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