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Texas beauty queen loses title for failing to disclose past criminal convictions

July 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Texas beauty queen loses title for failing to disclose past criminal convictions

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Officials in charge of the Miss America Latina pageant have stripped the winner because of a lawsuit filed by the losing contestants.

Catalina Cifuentes was crowned the first-ever Miss Corpus Christi Latina on June 11th. However, soon after, controversy erupted as it was discovered she failed to disclose her previous marriage and past run-ins with the law resulting in a $100,000 lawsuit filed by six other contestants against the organizer of the Miss America Latina Pageant.

The beauty queen had prior convictions for a misdemeanor DWI and was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The six contestants, including the runner-up Valeria Barrera, cried foul claiming Cifuentes’s violated the competition’s qualifications to compete by not disclosing the information that would have automatically disqualified her from entering the pageant.

Acirema Alayeto, president and founder of Miss America Latina said in a statement: “The Organization of Miss America Latina, Inc will NOT honor Ms. Cifuentes’ application as a candidate for our National Pageant. Additionally, we do not recognize Caitlin Cifuentes as the winner of the June 11, 2016, Miss Corpus Christi Latina Pageant. As a result, Cifuentes does not have the proper credentials to hold such a title.”

The 25-year-old Cifuentes has vehemently denied breaking any rules and claimed organizers were well aware of her past during the video interview.

Writing on her Facebook page, Cifuentes said, “I believe that people can make a mistake and move on from it, I am a leader for all women who have gone through tough times and did not feel like a beauty queen; because in my eyes one’s past does not define them.”

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