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4-month-old baby girl among the victims executed by Los Zetas faction in Ciudad Victoria

July 17, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
4-month-old baby girl among the victims executed by Los Zetas faction in Ciudad Victoria

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Rival Cartel factions have once again targeted women and children for slaughter after the bodies of five family members including two adult females, along with three minors, including a 4-month-old girl and her two brothers were found Thursday night in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of the Northern Mexican border state of Tamaulipas.

Authorities made the discovery almost a week after cartel gunmen executed eleven family members including four children last weekend.

Thursday’s murders are just the latest in the chapter of a brutal cartel war that has erupted between factions of the ruthless Zetas criminal organization.

In a statement by Tamaulipas Coordination Group (GCT), the agency in charge of security for the state, authorities confirmed the victims were two adult women and three minors.

Officials said police also discovered an AR-15 assault rifle inside the home where the bodies were found but were unclear who it belong too or if the gunmen left the weapon behind, Proceso reported.

According to Breitbart News, the victims were identified as four-month-old Angela Tovar Galicia, her brothers  15-year-old Osiel, 13-year-old Victor Tovar Galicia  and  the two adults, their mother, 36-year-old Norma Galicia Alvarado and the woman’s mother 54-year-old Maria Francisca Alvarado Juarez.

Mexican Marines along with, the Army, Federal Police, and Tamaulipas Ministerial Police Force searched the area to find those responsible, without success.

Investigators said the children’s father 43-year-old Victor Hugo Tovar Soto, was working at the time of the executions had taken place.

The barbaric murders come in the wake of last Saturday’s string of attacks across the city that killed 19 people, including eleven family members, four of which were children

Among the eleven victims killed in the massacre were Lourdes Gregorio Garcia-Amaya, a Texas resident, her two daughters, Mariana Garcia-Amaya and Galilea Garcia-Amaya along with two other minors.

Friends and relatives of the Texas woman told Breitbart News that Garcia-Amaya took her kids to visit family in Ciudad Victoria for a summer vacation when they were killed by a Los Zetas faction called the Cartel Del Noreste or Cartel of the North.

In recent weeks, a series of threats posted on social media issued threats against family members of cartel leaders. However, officials said it remains unclear what connection the family had to organized crime.

Police Investigators pointed to evidence that suggested the Texas woman and her two kids were in the wrong place at the wrong time when the attack occurred.

A cartel faction from Ciudad Victoria calling themselves the Zetas Old School, made up of several of the original founding members of Los Zetas, declared war on the Cartel of the North (CDN). A group based out of Nuevo Laredo, led by relatives of imprisoned boss Miguel Angel Trevino alias ‘Z40.’

The war for territorial control in Ciudad Victoria erupted in the latter part of 2015 and has now spread to Nuevo Laredo causing residents of both cities to live in a constant state of fear.

So far 100 people have been killed since the fighting began and had resulted in horrific acts of violence committed on almost a daily occurrence.

The deteriorating security situation has prompted the Mexican government to deploy 600 army troops to Ciudad Victoria earlier this week.

At a news conference, Secretary General of the Government Herminio Garza Palacios said the Tamaulipas Coordination Group has implemented new security measures for policing the city, which would improve its responsiveness in an effort to curb the raging violence.

Garza-Palacios sought to reassure a shaken public,  maintaining the government has not lost the ability to stem the violence. He told reporters, “sometimes spikes of violence soar occur, which has happened in other cities such as Tampico, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and now in Ciudad Victoria.”

“Sometimes spikes of violence soar, which has happened in other cities such as Tampico, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo and now in Ciudad Victoria,  but security forces are chasing these criminals and has managed to capture over 460 of the top priorities wanted by the government,” Garza-Palacios said.

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