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Mexican authorities arrest narcocorrido singer Gerardo Ortiz

July 18, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican authorities arrest narcocorrido singer Gerardo Ortiz

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Mexican authorities arrested Grupero singer Gerardo Ortiz on Sunday at the Guadalajara airport on charges of inciting criminal acts.

Ortiz was detained for just under 12 hours in Puente Grande, Jalisco before he posted a 50 thousand pesos (US $2,700) bail to secure his release.

Th narcocorrido singer was the subject of an arrest warrant on charges of inciting criminal acts stemming from his controversial music video “Fuiste Mia,” or ‘You Were Mine’, which depicts Ortiz murdering the lover of his girlfriend then burning the woman alive in the trunk of a car.

The video spurred outrage among women’s rights groups who have argued the video promoted violence against women and was also condemned by the Mexican government.

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) have also opened a line of inquiry into possible money laundering allegations against the singer stemming from the use of an estate owned by a top drug cartel figure in Zapopan, Jalisco where filming for the video took place.

According to El Universal, the California-born singer arrived at the Guadalajara Airport, presented his U.S. passport before he was subsequently arrested.

His lawyer, Neil Medina said on Sunday that Ortiz’s legal status would be determined within 72 hours.

Although the offense isn’t considered serious, the charges could see Ortiz face one to six months in prison, Jalisco District Attorney Eduardo Almaguer said.

Ortiz said at a press conference following his detention: “No offense, but it’s a good thing that all the organizations that defend women’s rights have been able to use these platforms to get their message across. I hope this clarifies things; this is the artist speaking; people need to remember the fictional character is in the video.”

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