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First recorded death linked to Pokémon Go after teen is fatally gunned down

July 20, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
First recorded death linked to Pokémon Go after teen is fatally gunned down

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A teenager was gunned down while playing Pokémon Go, during an incident, which authorities believe is the first fatality linked to the wildly popular and viral game.

Conflicting reports surfaced on Wednesday regarding the nature of 18-year-old Jerson Lopez de Leon’s death. The man was reportedly playing the game with his 17-year-old cousin, Daniel Moises Picen, who was also wounded in the attack.

Reports indicate that de Leon was shot to death when he and his cousin broke into a house in Chiquimila, which is just 120 miles from Guatemala City, to catch one of the virtual characters that emerge on players’ maps in the game.

Other reports allege the teen was murdered in an ambush while walking down a street in Chiquimila as they hunted for Pokemon characters.

According to the Mirror newspaper in the U.K., police were searching for occupants of a van that was observed fleeing from the scene, where approximately 20 shell casings were discovered.

Rosalinda, De Leon’s mother, said that her son left home to just to play the viral game. She stated: “He was already in bed when his cousin sent him a message asking him to go out and download a game a few blocks from the house.”

It is not currently apparent if the shooting was directly linked to the game, which has been cited for a myriad of problems, including players falling off of cliffs and others being robbed at gunpoint.

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