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Los Zetas commander ‘El Chano’ convicted on all counts in Texas federal court

July 20, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Los Zetas commander ‘El Chano’ convicted on all counts in Texas federal court

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On Tuesday, a federal jury convicted Marciano ‘El Chano’ Millan Vasquez, a reputed boss for the ruthless Los Zetas drug cartel, responsible for numerous atrocities, of all ten counts of drug-related charges against him, KHOU Houston reported.

Millan Vasquez faces life in prison for a conspiracy that involved a myriad of murders and drug trafficking charges. Prosecutors and witnesses have named him as a regional cartel leader in the Mexican border city of Piedras Negras.

The indictment also accused Millian-Vasquez of working other leading cartel figures to bribe politicians and kill numerous people in Coahuila to preserve its drug smuggling business into the U.S.

During closing arguments, Michael Galdo, Assistant U.S Attorney stated: “It is the defendant who aided the Zetas in their reign of terror in Piedras Negras.”

Galdo added, “They turned that city and Acuña into a drug state, a safe haven in which they could operate.”

‘Chano’s’ defense lawyer, Jaime Cavazos, argued that prosecutors failed to have physical proof that ties his client to any of the alleged crimes, asserting that the government has instead relied on drug defendants who only testified in exchange for reduced prison sentences.

“Don’t buy these stories … They’re inconsistent with who these people are. They never told the truth … They’re here to get something,” said Cavazos.

Russell Leachman, Assistant U.S. Attorney, declared that federal agents were able to provide phone calls and other evidence linking Millan Vasquez to drug seizures in Texas and a murdered police informant in Mexico.

During the conclusion of his closing argument, Leachman requested that jurors think about the testimony of one witness, who stated he was forced to watch Millan use an ax to dismember a 6-year-old child in front of her parents during a Zetas rampage that had killed more than 300 people in Coahuila.

Leachman said, “I want you to think about her being pinned down by grown men and her parents watching their own child have limbs being hacked from her own body … The only solace these people had was to look down maybe try to pray, and what did he do? Grab their heads and make them watch their daughter suffer.”

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