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Pregnant CA woman attacked from fraudulent ‘rape fantasy’ posts on craigslist

July 21, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Pregnant CA woman attacked from fraudulent ‘rape fantasy’ posts on craigslist

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Police say a pregnant woman from Orange County, California was assaulted inside of her house after her husband’s ex-girlfriend listed her address in a fraudulent Craigslist advertisement that was requesting a “rape fantasy.”

According to the Daily Mail, 29-year-old Michelle Suzanne Hadley, of Ontario, had already violated a court-issued protective order by threatening and stalking the pregnant victim, who has only been identified only as Jane Doe, when she published the ads on Craigslist.

Authorities announced that several men responded to the ads and showed up at Doe’s door, one of whom attacked the woman before she called for help.

The Orange County District Attorney said in a statement that “Hadley is accused of telling the responders that the victim wanted the responders to have forcible sexual intercourse with her, even if she screamed or resisted.”

The statement added, “Several of the responders showed up at Jane Doe’s residence with the intention of raping the victim but did not succeed. One responder arrived at Jane Doe’s residence and physically attacked the victim before she was able to call for help and the man fled the scene.”

Law enforcement officials have not indicated whether or not the pregnant woman was injured during the assault.

The suspect was in a relationship with Doe’s husband, who has only been referred to as a US Marshals Service Agent, between 2013-2015.

Authorities also announced that the suspect had previously stalked Doe and threatened the life of her child when the series of events began back on June 6th.

The advertisements continued to be published until last Wednesday, according to police.

Hadley had reportedly been replying to responders pretending to be the victim, providing the men with details regarding the woman’s daily routine, sending them photos, as well as arranging the planned rape.

Reports also indicate that the woman was detained for the ads on June 24th, and was released on $100,000 bond, however, she still continued to post while she was out on bail. She is now in custody on $1 million bail.

Hadley has been charged with 11 counts, including one felony count of stalking, one felony count of stalking with a restraining order, one felony count of criminal threats and six felony counts of attempted forcible rape.

The deranged woman also was charged with one count of assault with the intent to commit a sexual offense during the commission of first-degree burglary, as well as one count of violation of a protective order with a sentencing enhancement allegation for crime-bail-crime.

If Hadley is found guilty of all charges, she faces up to life in prison.

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