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Man crashes into police car while playing Pokemon Go, while woman stuck up in a tree, calls 911

July 21, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Man crashes into police car while playing Pokemon Go, while woman stuck up in a tree, calls 911

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The viral craze over the game Pokemon Go has resulted in some car accidents and even prompted firefighters to rescue a woman stuck in a tree.

Police agencies are urged common sense to Pokémon Go while playing such not chasing the virtual creatures from behind the wheel and being mindful of one’s surroundings.

In the latest incident, a motorist in Baltimore ignored the warning by authorities after he smashed into a police patrol car while playing the game behind the wheel, according to ABC7.

A police officer’s body camera recorded the second that the Toyota RAV4 smashed into the parked police car in Baltimore, Maryland early on Monday. Officials said the patrol vehicle was unoccupied.

The video shows the driver exiting the vehicle and showing the officers his phone, which was connected to the Pokemon GO app.

When officers asked if the unidentified man was alright, he replied: “That’s what I get for playing this dumb F*** game.”

No other injuries were reported in the incident.

Police presented the video of the event at a press conference, where they reported two additional incidents involving Pokemon players getting themselves into trouble.

Officials have not yet indicated whether the driver will face charges as a result of the crash.

Last week a driver who was distracted by the game in Syracuse, New York, suffered minor injuries after he smashed his car into a tree.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, firefighters had to rescue a woman who managed to get herself stuck in a tree at a cemetery while playing the game on her smartphone.

Police said the Glouster County woman, described as a young adult, climbed a tree inside Eglington Cemetery to catch a Pokemon.

However, when she failed to get down, the woman had to dial 911 for help. Firefighters dispatched a fire truck to help rescue the female.

According to NBC10 Philly, the woman adversely admitted to emergency responders that the game was the reason she climbed the tree.

“She was a bit embarrassed at that point,” said Rob Gould III, the township’s fire chief.

The East Greenwich Township Fire and Rescue posted a “Public Safety Message of the Day” about the rescue mission on their Facebook page.

“Well, we’ve all heard of firefighters rescuing cats in stuck in a tree. Tonight District 19 was dispatched to Eglington Cemetery for a Pokemon stuck in a tree, along with the person who was chasing it,” the post read.

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