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Florida police arrest pair of paramedics who posed with dozens of unconscious patients in selfie war

July 23, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Florida police arrest pair of paramedics who posed with dozens of unconscious patients in selfie war

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Two paramedics were arrested in Floria after they were caught engaging in a “selfie war,” where they took pictures of themselves with sedated, unconscious, intoxicated, and incapacitated patients inside ambulances.

Authorities nabbed 24-year-old Kaylee Renee Dubois and 33-year-old Christopher Wimmer for taking selfies with a whopping 41 patients in 64 videos and 101 pictures during the disturbing competition.

Dubois was indicted on two counts of interception and disclosure of oral communications, which is considered a third-degree felony, WJHJ reported.

Wimmer faces one count of misdemeanor battery for allegedly holding up a sedated patient’s eyelid for a picture, along with seven counts of interception and disclosure. The first responder also reportedly took a selfie with an aged woman whose breast was exposed.

Bill Bishop with the State Attorney’s office commented on the matter and said, “Because of the insensitivity showed by these individuals, we intend to prosecute them vigorously and intend to seek jail time.”

The ‘tournament,’ which Larry Ashley, Okaloosa County Sheriff, referred to as a “sick juvenile game” included victims that ranged in ages from 24 to 86 years old “in varying degrees of distress.’ Among the victims included five who were homeless and one sheriff’s deputy. Authorities revealed that only three of the victims consented to the photographs.

Although the selfies did not appear to reach the internet or social media, they were, however, shared with other EMS and non-EMS personnel.

Police believe that the pair’s grotesque competition was motivated by a wish to one-up the other. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office announced that the suspects traded text messages challenging each other to “step up” their game and take more selfies.

The offensive acts have prompted the Florida County to make significant changes to its policies and protocol. John Hofstad, County Administrator, announced that the use of personal cell phones in the back of ambulances had been banned.

Police launched an investigation against Dubois and Wimmer back in early May after their coworkers accused Wimmer of distributing “unprofessional and compromising selfies” of individuals under his supervision.

According to the arrest report, Wimmer, who had all the pictures on his cell phone, was “often laughing and smiling” in the photos.

Investigators were not granted access to search Dubois’ password-protected phone. However, five selfies and two videos were discovered on Wimmer’s phone, linking her to the crime.

Dubois was terminated from her position on May 20 and Wimmer resigned the very same day.

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