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NYC drug kingpin sentenced to life for ordering executions of two rivals

July 24, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
NYC drug kingpin sentenced to life for ordering executions of two rivals

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A federal judge handed a New York City drug kingpin a life sentence on Friday for ordering the murders of two men.

A Brooklyn federal judge for the Eastern District of New York handed Staten Island drug kingpin Anthony (Nitty) Christian a life sentence on Friday for the execution of rivals Jerome Estella and Corey Brooker.

According to to the New York Daily News, Christian had previously sought out a court proceeding to determine if there was a possible link between the rap group Wu-Tang Clan and the two murders he was found guilty of ordering.

However, the request for an inquiry was denied by Brooklyn Federal Judge Eric Vitaliano, who made the determination after reviewing FBI reports from more than a decade ago, which ultimately discounted the allegations.

During Friday’s court hearing, the 43-year-old gangster delivered a courtroom rant, where he emphatically pronounced his innocence to the judge but made no mention of the rap group.

“May Jerome Estella and his mother know…I never killed anybody,” Christian said.

Assistant U.S. Attorneys Richard Tucker and Allon Lifshitz said Christian terrorized residents of the Park Hill public housing complex with a wave of violence including raging gun battles as a result of drug turf wars that lasted over a 20-year period.

“Mr. Christian is not the least bit contrite, and that’s bone-chilling to me,” Tucker said.

In an interview with the News, defense attorney Michael Gold claimed he only requested a hearing to determine if the Wu-Tang Clan had any involvement in murders of Booker or Estella.

An informant testified Estella had robbed Wu-Tang rapper RZA, whose real name is Robert Fitzgerald, and other court documents mentioned Brooker allegedly extorted the brother of the rapper.

However, federal and NYPD investigators concluded that the hits were ordered by Christian over drug turf.

“This is far from over,” Christian shouted to family members in the courtroom. “I love you.”

Vitaliano stated Park Hill hits close to home for him. “I was privileged to represent Park Hill in the (state) assembly in the late 80s and early 90s when these events began to unfold,” the judge said, before adding, “Things have gotten better in Park Hill; there’s no doubt about it.”

A jury also convicted Christian’s brother, 44-year-old Harvey (Black) Christian, who awaits sentencing.

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