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Upstate N.Y. woman charged with faking her own kidnapping

July 24, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Upstate N.Y. woman charged with faking her own kidnapping

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A woman from upstate New York, who informed police that she was kidnapped and held hostage by a strange man for two weeks, has been arrested for fabricating the entire story.

According to the Daily News, 24-year-old Rachael Mattice has been charged with false reporting after a witness had said that she made up an intricate story of her kidnapping.

Mattice was reported missing by her family on June 23rd, leading to an extensive search for the woman that reportedly cost officials “well into the six figures” and involved investigating around 400 leads.

Mattice’s family held vigils while she was gone and rallied her Johnstown, N.Y., community to pray for her return.

The young woman was discovered back at her mother’s home on July 6th and told law enforcement officials her puzzling tale of being abducted and assaulted by an older man, who brought her back home two weeks later.

Mattice claimed she was kidnapped while camping in Hamilton County and was held against her will in a small shed. She also told cops that the man repeatedly assaulted her.

She went as far as to provide authorities with a detailed description of her reported kidnapper, saying that he was white, around 6 feet tall between 200-250 pounds, in his late 50s, with brown eyes, gray hair, and a beard. Police issued a sketch of the man while they attempted to hunt down for the suspect.

Investigators later discovered that the story and description of the suspect were completely fabricated.

New York State Troop G commander, William Keeler, said in a statement that “Nothing Mattice said happened. It’s all made up,”

On July 18th, an unidentified man informed police that he gave the young woman a ride to a campsite in Canada Lake, N.Y., which belonged to a family member of her boyfriend. Two other people confirmed the man’s story and police figured out that the evidence didn’t add up.

Police reported that Mattice regularly frequented the campsite.

Officials are also investigating whether Mattice robbed prescription drugs from the Hamilton County Public Nursing Service, where she was employed as a home health aide.

Police say that Mattice is sticking with her story. Nonetheless, she has been charged with a misdemeanor and has been released until her next scheduled court date on August 9th.

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