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Las Vegas Judge orders robbery suspect’s tattoos covered for trial

July 26, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Las Vegas Judge orders robbery suspect’s tattoos covered for trial

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A judge in Las Vegas judge ordered the tattoos covering a robbery suspect’s defendant’s neck covered for his upcoming trial.

District Judge Richard Scotti made the usual decision of ordering a cosmetologist to cover up Bayzle Morgan’s tattoos, which includes “Most Wanted” across his forehead. Also, he has a Baby Nazi-tattooed across his neck along with the words skinhead on his eyebrows and a swastika within a clover underneath his left eye, so that he could get a fair trial.

The reason being is that just last month an entire group of jurors had to be dismissed after they conceded they couldn’t be impartial.

“If it’s a certain kind of tattoo, in a particular spot, which signifies to me means somebody at one time did something inappropriate. Maybe he did something that was not acceptable to society, therefore has been outcast into a particular group of people, whether they’re a gang or a mob,” said one juror who was previously dismissed

Now a new set of jurors will see Morgan in makeup starting Monday, a move which his defense attorney Dan Bunin fully supports.

“The goal is to make sure we can get a jury to at least give him a fair trial,” Bunin said.

According to to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Morgan stands accused of robbing a man’s motorcycle at gunpoint back in May 2013.

In a separate case, Morgan also faces capital punishment for the murder of 75-year-old Jean Main, which occurred just days before the robbery.

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