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Heatless thieves steal 4-year-old boy’s prosthetic limb

July 28, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Heatless thieves steal 4-year-old boy’s prosthetic limb

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A four-year-old’s prosthetic limb was taken on Sunday morning from the Crystal Cove State Beach that he was playing on in Orange County, California.

Liam Brenes’ parents left their belongings, which included the little boy’s prosthetic leg, while they went for a short walk. After they returned, the leg was missing.

Liam told CBS Los Angeles, “They took my clothes, my shoes and my prosthetic leg.”

The family started their fun day at the beach about 8 a.m. on Sunday morning to beat the rush of people, Liam’s parents reported that there were very few people on the beach at that time.

Liam removed his prosthetic leg and put on an older one that he’s grown out of. It is 3 inches too short, but he uses it to go in the salt water.

The newer prosthetic was left on top of a bag when it was taken.

Frank, Liam’s father, searched through trash cans and bushes in hopes that someone might have thrown it out, but unfortunately it wasn’t found.

He expressed his frustration in a sincere Facebook posting that read: “Someone grabbed our things and took off. Ordinarily I would be very upset. But this is even worse. Not only did they grab my camera with memories I’ll never be able to recapture but worst of all they took Liams leg.”

The post continued: “My four year old son is now without his leg because of these people. He is having a great attitude about it but I am crushed.”

Liam had a portion of his leg amputated when he was only one year old after he was born without a fibula born. The little boy was also born with two webbed fingers and two missing fingers on his left hand, The Daily Mail reported.

Despite his situation, the child is amazingly active, and enjoys playing soccer and attending karate classes with his friends.

He also told reporters that he will ask for a new prosthetic leg for Christmas.

Unfortunately, it will probably take over a month to get a new prosthetic made.

Getting a new prosthetic made will be burdening for the family, who will have to spend a countless amount of hours traveling back and forth to a hospital in Los Angeles to get his new limb properly fitted and molded.

His brother Aiden said in an interview: “I feel bad for him because his leg was stolen, and the people who stole it probably didn’t even think twice about that, like didn’t even care that something important was in there.”

Aiden is begging for the burglar to return his brother’s leg. “If you have a chance, can you at least give us back the leg and glasses?” he pleaded.

A family friend has lauched a GoFundMe page to support the family during this time, but Liam’s dad is hopeful that the criminal will come forward to return the prosthetic.

He told the Orange County Register, “I still have a little faith in humanity. If you took the stuff, please, just find a way to get us the leg back.”

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