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Maryland Police charge two men after video of brawl on a boat surfaces: WATCH

July 28, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Maryland Police charge two men after video of brawl on a boat surfaces: WATCH

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Authorities in Maryland have charged two men after a video surfaced of fight that broke out on a small boat this past weekend, CBS Baltimore reported.

Footage of the brawl has since gone viral, in which the video shows two men throwing punches and attacking each other aboard the small rental boat. At one point, it looks like one of the men grabbed an antenna and started swinging it at the other.

Daryl Newhouse, who captured the video, recorded the incident from a Cambridge Fun Regatta Safety boat. She posted the video to Facebook and explained in the caption that she and those she was with attempted to hail the vessel which “was getting dangerously close to our sailboat racers and interfering with the course.”

People aboard the boat where the brawl broke out are observed trying to break up the fight and those aboard Newhouse’s boat are heard trying to warn the men that they had called the police.

A man aboard Newhouse’s is heard in the background of the video, “We now have a fight onboard the vessel, and we’re going to have two drunk people in the water pretty soon.”

The Facebook post implies that the brawl started after the captain threw a beer can at a passenger.

The Maryland Natural Resources Police have interviewed the boat’s passengers, and the group reportedly was required to pay $3,000 in damages to the rental, according to CBS.

Investigators are still looking to speak with the 21-year-old boat operator, who may face possible charges of negligent boating.

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