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Witness testifies fallout between drug dealers led to deadly ambush at dallas motel

July 30, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Witness testifies fallout between drug dealers led to deadly ambush at dallas motel

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A Dallas man, who is on trial for a violent ambush at a northwest Dallas motel, had a falling out with one of his victims when their drug-dealing partnership didn’t work out, according to the suspect’s longtime friend who barely survived the altercation.

The Dallas Morning News reported that 24-year-old Romon Mitchell has pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges in the July 2014 attack that resulted in the death Elena Shea, 25, and wounded Christopher Whitley, 41.

Whitley and his girlfriend were walking back to their hotel room at the Royal Inn Motel at around 2 a.m. when they were shot multiple times by two gunmen waiting in the room.

When Whitley opened the door to his room, his dog was trying to get out, he then looked up and saw Mitchell holding a pistol.

Whitley said in court, “I was looking Romon in the eyes for six or seven seconds.”

When the man realized what was happening, Whitley yelled for his brother and girlfriend to run. He then tried to grab the pistol and was shot several times. Shea was fatally injured in the attack.

As he laid wounded on the floor, Whitley reportedly told Mitchell: “Man, I brought you in. This is how you going to pay me back?”

He said that Mitchell replied, “You shouldn’t have ever cut me off.”

After that, Whitley reported that Mitchell asked, ‘Where is it at?” and Whitley gave him a bag cash that contained $2,200. Mitchell then fled.

Whitley testified to the court about watching his girlfriend “facedown” outside their room. He stopped as he discussed it, his voice was barely above a whisper.

Whitley stated, “I tried to call her name, but I couldn’t because I had been shot so many times. I didn’t even know if I was going to live.”

The victim and Mitchell initiated a drug-dealing partnership after they ran into each other at a gas station. Whitley was friends with Mitchell’s father, who had recently died. When he saw Mitchell at the gas station, Whitley said that he “looked bad.”

“I felt obligated to be concerned about his well-being,” he said. “I brought him under my wing.”

Mitchell started selling drugs with Whitley, but eventually Whitley decided he wanted to bring his brother in and have Mitchell take a break. They had discussed the change a few weeks prior to the shooting.

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