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Over 37 people dead in one week as drug violence explodes in Mexico

July 31, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Over 37 people dead in one week as drug violence explodes in Mexico One of two vehicles

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Drug-related violence continues to engulf Mexico, claiming well over 30 lives within the past week with Saturday proving to be the most violent day with at least 17 people killed in various parts of the country, the most severe occurring in the strife-ridden western state of Michoacan, and its southern neighbor Guerrero.

In Michoacan, the burned remains of ten people were found inside a charred SUV in the town of Cuitzeo, in the northern part of the state where Mexico’s Petroleos pipelines are located, the state attorney general said.

At the scene, authorities found “evidence of possible clandestine fuel taps” indicating a connection between the deaths and the possible theft of fuel, according to Proceso.

Officials said forensic specialists were conducting tests on the badly burned bodies to determine the identities of the victims.


Charred remains of ten people were found in the western Mexican state of Michoacan Saturday

The state prosecutor’s office in the neighboring state of Guerrero reported that seven people were shot dead on Saturday, including five adults and two children. The shooting occurred in two adjacent houses in the town of Tepecoacuilco of Trujano, located just over 9 miles from Iguala, the city that became infamous for the disappearance of 43 students in 2014.

Officials said all seven victims appear to be related but released no further information.

Meanwhile, along Mexico’s northern border with Texas, the strife shows no signs of ending, highlighting the inability of the government to put a stop to the wave of violence.

Over the past week, residents in border cities have witnessed 20 people killed in numerous gun battles, executions, and other violent acts committed by warring drug cartels.

The recent spate of violence began late last week in the border city of Rio Bravo, where seven alleged members of the Gulf Cartel were killed in a shootout with a federal police patrol in the rural community of Raul Muñiz.

The officers spotted four vehicles with armed gunmen inside, three of which immediately fled the scene. However, the armed operatives inside the fourth car opened fire igniting a fierce gun battle.

Officers killed seven of the suspected cartel members after a lengthy shootout, in what turned out to be an apparent diversion to allow enough time for the other vehicles to flee.

The following day in Diaz Ordaz, Mexican Marines intercepted suspected cartel members attempting to dispose of the body of a kidnapping victim, which quickly turned into a fierce rolling gun battle.

In an effort to escape, the armed men in two vehicles opened fire on the Mexican Marines. The pursuit soon ended after six of the gunmen reportedly burned alive after their vehicles ignited into flames.

cartel-violence-1-640x480 (2)

One of the two vehicles used during a rolling shootout that burst into flames, killing six suspected in gunmen in Tamaulipas earlier this week

According to Breitbart Texas, officials refused to provide an explanation as to how the cars ignited on fire. However, unofficial military sources revealed the Marines used a grenade launcher during the clash.

Earlier this week, in the same city, authorities discovered several bodies that had been burned in a warehouse fire. According to the Tamaulipas government, federal police officers uncovered two of the bodies inside a tractor trailer.

Authorities also confirmed that four gunmen were killed in the city of Matamoros this week during a series of gunbattles with the Mexican military.

As JammedUp News reported, a faction of the Gulf Cartel, led by Sergio “Sr. Cortez” Ortegon — a ruthless regional boss, has conducted a “cleanup” in Matamoros.

Cartel gunmen have been torturing and executing thieves, kidnappers, and extortionists as part of a calculated effort to lessen the heat from law enforcement, who have made a significant push to reduce crime in the area.

In the Tamaulipas State Capital of Ciudad Victoria, where a brutal turf war has raged between factions of Los Zetas, also known as the Zetas Old School and Cartel Del Noreste, a suspected cartel hitman was killed in a clash with state police patrol units on Tuesday.


According to Blog Del Narco, a team of heavily armed sicarios, or hit men, with the Old School Zetas had posed for a photo moments before they were intercepted by the Fuerza Tamaulipas State Police.

A series of photos taken by the suspects were obtained by local Mexican media outlets showing one of the gunmen minutes before he was shot and killed by authorities.

The remaining suspects managed to evade capture successfully, fleeing on foot and abandoning their vehicles at the scene.


Over the past few weeks, five families in Ciudad Victoria including many women and children have been executed by the CDN, which is the faction out of Nuevo Laredo.

As JammedUp previously reported, cartel gunmen massacred a family of eleven, including six minors in Ciudad Victoria in early July. Texas resident Lourdes Gregorio Garcia-Amaya and her two daughters, Mariana Garcia-Amaya and Galilea Garcia-Amaya, were identified among the victims slaughtered in the attack.

The deteriorating security situation in Tamaulipas due to the threat of violence from organized criminal groups has prompted a travel warning by U.S. State Department to remain in effect, advising U.S. citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the state and in other parts of Mexico, where violence also remains prevalent.

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