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Same Texas deputy makes $6.4 million heroin seizure one weeks after intercepting $1.3 million in meth

August 8, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Same Texas deputy makes $6.4 million heroin seizure one weeks after intercepting $1.3 million in meth

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A deputy sheriff in Fayette County and his K-9 associate secured another major seizure of heroin after a traffic stop on Texas’ Interstate 10. The $6.4 million drug bust is the third major raid in less than one month for the pair.

Randy Thumann, Fayette County Deputy Sergeant, and his K-9 “Lobos” pulled an individual over at about 10:45 am on Monday. As Thumann was questioning the driver, he realized that the person was driving from Mexico to Houston.

The sergeant discovered discrepancies in the driver’s statements. Thumann asked the driver about drugs, who became very nervous before eventually consenting to a car search.

Deputy David Smith helped Thumann search the 2007 Chevy. An aftermarket compartment was discovered hidden in the floor under the carpet of the van after the officers removed the seats.

Authorities seized 8 kilos of a substance believed to be white Heroin, worth an estimated street value of $6.4 million.

According to Breitbart News, the suspect, who has been identified Andrea Hernandez-Gonzalez, 54, was is in custody at the Dan R. Beck justice center as she awaits criminal charges.

Just one week ago, Thumann and Lobos intercepted another shipment of drugs headed for the U.S. The dynamic duo discovered $1.3 million worth of meth that was concealed in artificial fire extinguishers. Two weeks before that, the two identified another load of meth that was stored in modified compartments of a pickup truck, which was estimated to be worth approximately $1.6 million.

When Sheriff Keith Korenek was first elected as sheriff back in 2004, he vowed to make drug interdiction and enforcement a top priority for his office. Thumann began working as a deputy around the same time, and has been efficient at preventing not only drugs from reaching the U.S., but he has also been able to seize many drug traffickers’ cash profits.

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