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Aeromexico employee, four members of military among 15 suspects charged for cocaine trafficking in Venezuela

August 8, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Aeromexico employee, four members of military among 15 suspects charged for cocaine trafficking in Venezuela

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A manager for Aeromexico airline, along with 15 other suspects including four members of the Venezuelan military, were arrested in Venezuela on charges of attempting to transport to Mexico 600 kilos of cocaine by air last June.

Roberto Fermin Perez, the head of Security Station for the airline, was arrested over the weekend along with four soldiers of the National Guard in connection with June’s interception of 600 kilos of cocaine at the Mexico City Airport.

Prosecutors in Venezuela said all of the suspects detained conspired to smuggle the cocaine into Mexico City’s CDMX International Airport in eight suitcases on a flight that originated from Caracas Simon Bolivar Airport in June.

Although Aeromexico officials have yet to comment on the arrest, a company source confirmed that Fermin Perez was an airline employee of Venezuelan nationality.

Aeromexico was the latest airline to suspend flights to Venezuela citing the South American country’s dire economic situation.

It is not the first time authorities have implicated members of the Venezuelan military to drug dealing on commercial flights.

In 2013, eight soldiers were charged with transporting 1.38 tons of cocaine to Paris aboard an Air France flight.

Just last week, the U.S. Justice Department also announced the indictment of two high-ranking members of Venezuela’s military including a ranking general on drug trafficking charges.

Federal prosecutors charged Maj. Gen. Néstor Reverol and his deputy, Edilberto Jose Molina, who both at one time headed Venezuela’s Anti-Drug Agency with receiving payments from suspected narcotics traffickers in return for helping to smuggle cocaine shipments destined for the United States.

In response to the indictments by U.S. authorities, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro appointed Reverol as the country’s new Interior Minister, which many intelligence experts have viewed as a direct repudiation of Washington.

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