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Two-year-old’s body couple tried to smuggle across the border into Mexico drowned days earlier

August 15, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Two-year-old’s body couple tried to smuggle across the border into Mexico drowned days earlier

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A child, whose remains were found in a duffel bag when a couple attempted to smuggle it across the border into Mexico, had drowned at a home in Los Angeles early last week.

As Jammed Up reported, 39-year-old Johnny Lewis Hartley and 43-year-old Mercy Mary Becerra were stopped for a secondary inspection while going through the pedestrian crossing in San Ysidro, California, last Tuesday.

An X-ray was performed on the bag, which detected the body of a 2-year-old girl inside.

Authorities announced that the girl had been killed at a home just outside of L.A. in the suburb of Whittier, the Daily Mail reported.

Prosecutors in San Diego said the girl had also suffered from malnutrition and dehydration. Both suspects, who are both covered in tattoos and are from Whittier, were each charged with one count of murder on Friday. Both have pleaded not guilty.

Officials have identified the young victim and informed her parents, whose names have not been released.

Deputy District Attorney Kurt Mechals announced that the girl’s parents did not file a missing child report for the toddler, although Mechals did confirm that the parents won’t be charged in the murder.

Both suspects were not related to the girl but knew her parents, according to Mechals.

Mechas refused to provide details on why both suspects were taking care of the child and why they were heading to Mexico with her remains.

As Hartley was being handed over to US Customs and Border Protection, Becerra allegedly tried to escape, but was apprehended a short time later and was turned over to American authorities.

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