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Son of Pablo Escobar claims his father’s death was suicide

August 16, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Son of Pablo Escobar claims his father’s death was suicide

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The son of infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar believes that his father took his own life and that Colombian authorities covered up all evidence of the man’s last moments.

Colombian security forces assisted by U.S. Drug Enforcement Agents finally caught up to Pablo Escobar in December 1993, in a middle-class neighborhood of Medellin after a lengthy manhunt that involved several near misses.

The ‘King of Cocaine’ was killed along with a bodyguard during a lengthy firefight as he attempted to escape across a series of rooftops.

Juan Pablo Escobar, who also goes by the assumed name Sebastian Marroquin, the author of the book, Pablo Escobar: My Father, says the drug kingpin had taken his own life, contradicting official government reports.

Pablo Escobar's famous mugshot photo

Pablo Escobar’s famous mugshot photo

In an interview with the New York Post, Escobar said that his father committed suicide ,however, he claims that the coroner was directed not to contradict the official story that heroic Colombian forces took out the world’s most powerful drug trafficker.

The son of the legendary drug trafficker known as ‘El Patron’ claims after his father was shot in the shoulder and leg, while surrounded by hundreds of soldiers on the roof of a Medellin safehouse, (Pablo Escobar) took out his pistol and discharged the gun to the right side of his head.

He stated, “My father always told me that he had 15 bullets in his pistol; 14 were for his enemies and the last one for him.”

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Pictured: A younger Sebastian Marroquin with his father ‘Don’ Pablo Escobar

“It’s not a theory, Escobar declared. “Forensic investigators who performed the autopsy told us it was suicide but that they were threatened by the authorities not to disclose the truth in their final report.”

The 39-year-old who works as an architect in Argentina is the only son of the Medellin cartel chief and was just 17-years-old at the time of his father’s death.

Pablo Escobar ruled Colombia’s drug trade and controlled 80 percent of the of the cocaine smuggled into the United States for the better part of two decades.

With a staggering estimated worth of $30 billion, Forbes Magazine named Escobar as one of the top ten richest people on earth.

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