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Suge Knight to stand trial for murder in February judge rules

August 18, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Suge Knight to stand trial for murder in February judge rules

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Rap impresario Marion Suge Knight will go on trial for murder in February, for the 2014 fatal hit and run incident, which he allegedly mowed down two men in the parking lot of Tam’s burgers in Compton, California.

A judge on Wednesday set a February 22nd trial date for the 51-year-old Suge Knight on felony murder, attempted murder, and hit-and-run charges.

Knight, who has remained in custody on since his arrest in January 2015 on a $10 million bail, has pled not guilty to the accusations that he intentionally mowed down two men with his with his Ford F-150 Raptor truck, killing 55-year-old Terry Carter.

The fatal incident reportedly took place following a confrontation with gangster turned filmmaker Cle “Bone” Sloan, over his motion picture ‘Straight Outta Compton.’

Sloan also sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized, but survived.

Suge Knight claims he never intended to run over the men and alleged he only sought to flee the scene after Sloan pulled out a gun during the confrontation.

Attorneys for the Death Row founder also submitted a special request on Wednesday to the judge for a court order medical examination for Knight, who has been plagued by health issues since his incarceration.

Knight recently went as far as to tell the judge how he feared he might die behind bars. “My time is ticking some days because of the health problems,” he said in court last month.

“Mr. Knight indicates he is suffering from blood clots, he continues to suffer from swelling and difficulty breathing,” defense lawyer J. Tooson said in the proposed medical request filed in court on Wednesday.

The attorney added in the filing: “Mr. Knight further indicates every time he is sent to the hospital the doctors are not allowed to treat him because (of) law enforcement,”

“(Knight) is eager for the trial to begin and has faith that justice will prevail and he will be found not guilty,” Tooson said to reporters after Wednesday’s hearing.

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