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Tennessee Man charged with murder of daughter, delivered eulogy, released doves at her funeral

August 18, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Tennessee Man charged with murder of daughter, delivered eulogy, released doves at her funeral

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A father who has been charged with the murder of his 11-year-old daughter gave a eulogy and released doves at her funeral service.

The suspected killer, Timothy Batts, stated that he couldn’t see his life without his first born daughter, Timea, only nine days after he shot her to death in their Tennessee home.

The 29-year-old father begged for forgiveness in front of 500 relatives at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church, just 24 hours after he was discharged from custody on bail.

Batts was arrested last week and was charged with tampering with evidence, reckless homicide, false reporting, and other charges associated with the death of his daughter.

The murder suspect informed law enforcement officials that he shot at his daughter after thinking that she was an intruder trying to burglarize the home while the family was asleep, although surveillance video recovered by police noted that Batts was awake and on his phone just before the incident occurred.

Timothy Batts said he 'never pictured life' without his first-born child Timea

Timothy Batts said during his eulogy he ‘never pictured life’ without his first-born child Timea

Friends and relatives have come to defend Batts, maintaining that the fatal event was an accident, and they even helped him raise the funds that he needed to post bail.

During the funeral service, the father read a poem that said, “I wish it were a nightmare, and I can wake now, but it’s all too real. Since the day you were born I never pictured life without you.”

He continued, “I hear you saying, ‘I’m at a better place’ but I’d give anything for another chance to see your smiling face. I love you forever until we meet again. Forgive me for all of my sins and let me start all over again. When I can’t breathe no more, heaven, please let me in.”

Batts’ bond was reduced from $1 million to $500,000 on Friday, and he was released later that night, the Daily Mail reported.

He initially informed authorities that his daughter told him that she was shot after school and that she then passed at the hospital.

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